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Craftsmen Farms is a family of fine companies including property development, consulting, landscape design and implementation, material trucking, and property maintenance. We are dedicated to working with you to make your holdings as attractive as possible working with local and exotic materials to create for you a vision of beauty, both set apart, and United with nature.


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Walk through of a driveway project!

Stone driveways is where our roots lay. We have been creating and repairing elegant stone driveways since we began. From pothole repair, to creating the circular drive we can deal with any aspect of driveway and parking pad construction. Stone driveways are a labor of love, and nothing looks as charming as a long, beautiful lane leading to your home, business, or religious center. Stone driveways are a wear item and need to be maintained. The under layer is done in 3B stone, and over this a 4” layer of 2A, and a cap of pea gravel. Potholes are a special problem. As they form the contents of the roadbed is pushed and compacted by automobile tires until they collect water. The water further softens the surface and again the tires push deeper and deeper. The pot hole needs to be re-constructed roadbed. These is no quick fix to this process. A quick fix will only serve to fail again in a short time. Once the potholes have been fixed, the wear layer of the 2A and pea gravel need be replaced over the entire surface of the driveway. This is the Pocono’s and as such we have snow. Plowing takes off that wear layer and needs to be replaced. Each year you should have us out for a driveway inspection and an addition to the wear layer lost in the winter.

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